How are sales today?

Stripe metrics for your desktop, with sale and refund notifications.


How are sales today?

Stripe metrics for your desktop, with sale and refund notifications.


What makes Quintu different?

More secure

With Quintu on your desktop, all communication is between Stripe and your computer. Your data never touches any third-party servers.

More affordable

Quintu is not priced as a subscription. It's Stripe metrics and analytics software that you pay for once and use forever.

More convenient

Quintu gives you metrics and analytics at a glance, and even alerts you when new sales and events come in.

What does Quintu offer?

Stripe Sales Metrics

Stripe Sales Metrics

With Quintu, you can easily view your Stripe sales data, refund data, and growth metrics for the current day, month to date, and year to date.

Your revenue is displayed for the current day, month, and year, along with the percentage that it changed as compared with the previous day, month, and year.

You can also easily view the number of transactions, and amounts for all sales and refunds that were processed for the day, month, and year, along with the percentage of sales that had to be refunded for that time period.

Quintu, supports multiple currencies, and automatically converts sales data and calculations to your preferred currency.

The events view will show you a record of all of your recent sales and refunds, along with associated customer data, so you can go back and review all of your recent Stripe transactions.

Stripe SaaS Metrics

Stripe Subscription (SaaS) Metrics

If you use Stripe subscriptions for your SaaS app, Quintu has got you covered. At a glance, you can see exactly how many active trials and how many active paid subscriptions you currently have.

Quintu will also intelligently calculate and display your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), and your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), even if you offer multiple types of plans for your SaaS.

For utmost accuracy, the MRR and ARR calculations always take into account your one-off, repeating, and permanent coupons, and discounts, both at the customer level, and per-subscription, so your metrics will always reflect the current state of your subscription revenue.

For subscriptions, the events view will show you a record of all the recent trial sign-ups, paid plan sign-ups, account cancellations, and even trial-to-paid upgrades.

Event Notifications

Event Notifications

Quintu offers convenient event notifications, with visual and audio alerts, to notify you when a sale comes in, or a refund is processed.

For subscriptions, Quintu will also show you a notification when someone signs up for a new trial, or paid subscription, when someone upgrades from a trial plan to a paid plan, or when someone cancels their subscription.

Desktop notifications are built right into Quintu, and require absolutely no setup or configuration.

System Tray and Menu Bar

System Tray & Menu Bar

Quintu runs in your Windows system tray and in your Mac menu bar, allowing you to see as little or as much information as you want.

Need to take a quick look at your sales for the day? Just hover your mouse over the icon. Need to see a bit more info? Click on the icon to see your daily and monthly revenue. Want to see all the details and metrics available to you? Open the full details view to see your daily, monthly, and yearly sales and refunds, all of your subscription data and metrics, and all the important recent Stripe events.

Mac and Windows

Mac & Windows

Quintu is available as a native application for both Mac and Windows, so you can work on the platform of your choice, without compromise.

A single user license for Quintu allows you to run the application on two machines, simultaneously, so you can run Quintu on both your office workstation and your personal laptop, at the same time.

The custom user interface is designed to give you the same familiar experience regardless of which platform you prefer, while offering the various conveniences of each specific platform.

No Cloud Required

Private and Secure. No Cloud Required.

Quintu runs securely on your computer, and all of your private data remains on your machine at all times. Stripe data is never sent to any third-party servers.

All Stripe network data transfer is secure, with communication occurring directly between your local machine and Stripe, with no third-party involvement.

None of the private Stripe data stored on your machine is stored in plain-text format, so your data remains private even if your local machine is compromised.

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